1.0/__ Only if you play

Our self-imposed challenge was to establish a link from the digital Orwellian vision of Watch Dogs to our reality. Due to the revelations surrounding massive surveillance programs and the associated breaches of privacy, we realized that our current situation is not that far off from this setting anymore. The impressions we gathered throughout the design process flowed directly into our Watch Dogs Collection.

2.0/__ The Mission

Our aim is to be as authentic as possible. To achieve that, we are always working closely together with the designers of the game. The style of Watch Dogs is in line with our understanding of elegant and wearable apparel for gamers. So we stayed close to the master to give you a great Watch Dogs experience.

3.0/__ The Promise

In order to achieve the best experience for our fellow gamers, who love the game as much as we do, we set high quality standards to our work. By relying on great fabrics and unique designs, we seek to create truly special products that go far beyond the usual merchandise.

4.0/__ Collection

More details are available in the Watchdogs section of our store.

The Vigilante

Authentic replica of Aiden's coat. Manufactured with high-quality workmanship and great attention to detail.

Code Breaker

Iconic knit jacket inspired by the style of Aiden Pearce featuring prolonged sleeves for the use as gloves.

Stealth Scarf

Smooth and comfortable loop scarf with unique form-factor and iconic Watch Dogs design.

Binary Cap

Inconspicous cap featuring the iconic Fox emblem and contrast lining with binary digits on the inside.

Surveillance Bag

Huge waterproof heavy duty bag with welded seams and distinctive roll-top closure. Watch Dogs emblem printed on the bottom.


Splashproof messenger bag, featuring a RFID signal blocking pocket to protect sensitive data.


Waterproof 10" tablet sleeve, featuring a RFID signal blocking pocket for protection of sensitive data.